The 12 Week Author

Book Writing Programme

Great Writers Are Made Not Born! ~ If you believe this then you are off to a flying start.

The programme comprises of 10 units with multiple lessons guiding you through the complete process for writing your non-fiction book - ready for publishing in 12 weeks or less.

What's Included

The Summary

Delivered online the learning platform allows access to the course materials 24/7 for 365 days so you can progress and revisit at times that suit your schedule.

Designed by award winning non-fiction author Will Thomas, lessons are delivered in bitesize chunks to prevent overwhelm and keep you focused with each lesson guiding you through the next steps to write your book.

Success Factors

What Stops You?

The top 3 reasons why people do not succeed in writing and completing their books are:

  • Lack of self belief
  • Lack of commitment to the time required
  • Lack of clarity about the purpose for their writing

Throughout this programme you will be supported and challenged to overcome the barriers to writing. There are some useful positive principles in this programme which we will get you thinking about what might help you commit and complete your writing project in the next 12 weeks!

How the Programme is Structured

10 Units - 49 Focused Online Lessons


The Authors Journey

  • Getting Started As An Author
  • The Nine Principles of Writing Success
  • Straight From An Author's Mouth
  • Unit 01 - Reflections Learnings Actions


Writing On Purpose


Your Writers Voice

  • Your Book, Your Purpose
  • A purpose or many purposes?
  • Timeline and Write - Video
  • Timeline and Write Exercise
  • Unit 02 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Finding your writers voice
  • Getting it right for your audience
  • Defining Your Audience - Exercise 1
  • Defining Your Audience - Exercise 2
  • Defining Your Audience - Exercise 3
  • Unit 03 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Publication routes for your book
  • Publication Route Pros and Cons
  • Publication Route Pros and Cons
  • Unit 04 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Structuring Your Book
  • Using LVT to Structure a Book
  • The LVT Process (Walkthrough)
  • Video Demo & Actions
  • Outlining Your Book Using LVT
  • Unit 05 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Creating a writing strategy
  • The Rules For Success
  • Establishing a Writing Habit
  • Unit 06 - Reflections Learnings Actions


Publishing Pathways


Outlining Your Book


Writing Success Strategies

  • JDI and Overcoming writer’s block
  • Overcoming The Challenge To Writing
  • The Boundary Blower
  • Unit 07 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Titles, Covers and Route to Market
  • Your Book Title
  • Cover Design
  • Back Cover Copy
  • Unit 08 - Reflections Learnings Actions
  • Editing Proof-reading and Design
  • Editing and Proof-reading Top Ten
  • Creating Your Own Editing Rules
  • Unit 09 - Reflections Learnings Actions


Overcoming Writers Block


Designing Your Book


Mastering The Edit


Your Publishing Checklist

  • You made it - now what?
  • Publishing Checklist
  • Sizing Your Book
  • Amazon-Kindle Uploading
  • Unit 10 - You've Made It!

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