Essential NLP Skills

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Neuro Linguistic Programming has been called, ‘The manual for the mind we never got at birth.’

Discover the ideas behind one of the most powerful mind technologies in all areas of life.

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The Summary

Delivered online the learning platform allows access to the course materials 24/7 for 365 days so you can progress and revisit at times that suit your schedule. (Includes Downloads)

Created by Chris Matson, this programme is a must for anyone looking to understand and influence human behaviour in all areas of life. Ideal for entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches.

Personal Development – Essential NLP gives you the skills to break unhelpful habits and ways of thinking to develop the ‘best you’ that’s hiding inside. It helps make your development personal.

Coaching – Coaching someone, in whatever context, needs a deft touch. NLP can help you develop linguistic skills and offers techniques to help you move your client forward.

Business – Successfully employed in business in negotiations, sales and team development for decades, Essential NLP provides the core techniques used in the workplace.

Success Factors

Years of Experience

Chris Matson who has a wealth of experience in teaching, training and coaching individuals and teams. He is passionate about helping people get better results for themselves and those they serve.

Having trained with four of the six main NLP ‘schools’, including the co-founders of NLP, his wide experience of applying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Accelerated Learning and other ‘mind technologies’ to Education and Business has enabled him to create a number of unique programmes designed to help you get the best out of yourself.

He is an author, a qualified NLP Trainer and Coach, a Trainer of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy, an NHS-registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with 20 years’ experience treating trauma in adults and children.

How the Programme is Structured

15 Audio Lessons with Workbooks + Video Demo

Lesson 1

What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming has been called, ‘The manual for the mind we never got at birth.’ - Discover the ideas behind one of the most powerful mind technologies.

Lesson 2

The Communication Model

Information that bombards our senses every second of the day. The NLP Communication Model is an elegant expression that neuroscientists have discovered is true, regarding our unconscious processing.

The Foundations

Lesson 4

The Pressupositions of NLP

Part of the fundamental building blocks of NLP. They’re an underlying system of beliefs that we adopt to allow us to operate in a particularly effective way.

Lesson 5

The Unconsious Mind

Explore the ‘NLP Model of the Unconscious Mind’, how it works and how to work with it effectively.

These ‘Frames’ are useful operating ‘rules’ that allow NLP to create the benefits when exploring what someone says they want.

Lesson 3

The Frames of NLP

Lesson 6

Sensory Acuity

Sensory Acuity is the ability to make refined distinctions in what one sees, hears and feels. It’s the ‘Detective’ Power of opening your senses to learn more about another than you previously thought possible.

Lesson 7


Here you will learn what Rapport is and is not. You’ll discover the power of rapport in helping yourself and others get on together! - A key to co-operation and successful negotiation.

Essential Skills

Lesson 9

Representational Systems

Delve into how we experience the world through the internal use of the senses for thinking; we can represent the world in mental images, internal sounds and feelings.

Lesson 10

The BAGEL Model

Explore your own preferred systems for internally processing and how this can be extended into other, less-preferred senses.

Perceptual Positions is a conflict resolution tool. It permits a more balanced, rational and empathetic response from the person to their original protagonist and ensures, at least, some way forward.

Lesson 8

Perceptual Positions

Lesson 12

Demo - Eye Accessing Cues

See in real time the unpacking of eye accessing patterns with a client.

Lesson 13

Basic Anchoring

Anchoring is one of the fundamental processes of NLP, one that you have been exposed to all your life and one that you’ll be using all of the time and which underlies most of everything you’re learning.

Lesson 11

Eye Accessing Patterns

Investigate how our eye movements indicate what type of internal processing we are doing and why this is useful.

Lesson 15


All behaviour can be positive in some situation. Often we find a behaviour is inappropriate in the moment. Reframing takes the Internal Representation and changes its Meaning by changing the context.

Trigger the best in you, whenever you need it, with the 'Circle of Excellence' Anchoring process.

Lesson 14

Circle of Excellence


Achieving Goals with NLP

The amazing thing about goal setting is that it can create immediate results in your life.

Now, through NLP, you can change your behaviours and beliefs about what you can really achieve, make them smart, and literally install them into your neurology.

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