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Self Study Programme

The Personal Development course on How to Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs to Be Happy

The programme comprises of 6 Modules associated audios, workbooks, book chapters and exercises.

Starting you with the basics of who you are and what makes you do the things that you do and moves you through the complexities of your communication, how and why you create the specific emotions that you do and how to create freedom and live life on your terms.

What's Included

The Summary

Delivered online the learning platform allows access to the course materials 24/7 for 365 days so you can progress and revisit at times that suit your schedule. (Includes Downloads)

Created by Vicky Ross, lessons are delivered in bitesize chunks to prevent overwhelm and keep you focused with each lesson guiding you through the next steps of understanding and change.

Success Factors

Years of Experience

Vicky started her journey in the Personal Development field over 25 years ago. She has authored 3 books, many journals, Hypnotic Audios and online programs. She has travelled to 8 countries, delivering training and has worked with over 5000 people globally in Training, Coaching and Mentoring.

She is NLP Licensed trainer and assisted Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna for 8 years on all their London based NLP courses. Her speciality is working with Leaders/Business Owners and their teams to deliver on their objectives feeling energised, inspired and motivated.

This programme draws on all this experience, packaged into a jargon free programme that explains the basics of our behaviours as people. and takes you through a journey where you begin to understand yourself - and Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs to Be Happy

How the Programme is Structured

6 Modules - Audio Training, Workbooks & Book Chapters

Module 1

The Two Worlds You Live In

In this module you will learn that you live in two worlds simultaneously and what is important is to understand in which world your problems exist. You will also learn to understand how you experience your life through your senses.

Module 2

Your Senses

Module 3

The Magic of Communication

In this module you will learn about your sub senses and how they affect the way you feel when you are doing things. You will also learn about how your thoughts create ‘brain juice’(neuro-chemicals) which pass information to your body.

In this module you will learn to understand the mysteries of our communication. It is a fascinating world, when you can clearly hear what is truly meant. Learn to not only understand the basis of communication, but also how to elicit information well.

Module 4

The Missing Art of Communication

In this module you will learn how to understand and hear when people delete, distort and generalise information in their speech.Discover what the relevance of that is, what it tells you, and how you can recover the lost meanings?

Module 5

Behavious and Emotions

Module 6

Being Happy & Healthy

In this module you are going to get curious about your behaviours and your emotions! You will learn how you create behaviour and how you can change it. You will understand that emotions are energy that we call feelings in our body and you will understand what yours is communicating to you.

In this module you will learn how to stay neutral, living free and create a successful life by being happy and healthy!

People who look after themselves physically are more resilient to stress and viruses that float around. In this module start to explore how you can look after yourself and how to nourish your body. Start making changes to living towards a healthier and happier life.


3 Hypnotic Meditation Audios

  • Accelerated Healing
  • Creating Abundance
  • Reinvent Yourself
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